Workshop #1 and Collection Iwalewahaus pt.1

(c) Photo: Devil’s Dog. Twins Seven Seven. Ink & Gouache on Paper. Collection Iwalewahaus

For the first workshop in Bayreuth in January 2016, Junior Researchers Lena Naumann and Siegrun Salmanian did some research on Twins Seven Seven’s artworks in the collection. They gathered information and did a preliminary research on Devil’s Dog (1966) as well as some other selected works, Devil’s Dog (1964), Mama’s Shadow of Life (?), Creative Squared Masks in God’s Diary (2000) and Creative Sketches in God’s Diary (1985). For the international workshop they prepared an Icon Lab Session with the workshop participants, researchers Nadine Siegert, George Kyeyune, Katharina Greven, Yvette Mutumba, as well as Ugochukwu Smooth-Nzewi and Ulf Vierke from the Advisory Board. Some intense hours of the icon lab’s knowledge production and discussion took place at Iwalewahaus and encouraged Lena Naumann to write an object biography on this artwork.

Collection Iwalewahaus pt.2

(c) Photo: Martha Kazungu working in the Graphic Collection of Iwalewahaus.

Martha Kazungu (BA, Makerere University) came for two months from April to June 2016 to learn and work at Iwaleawhaus as an intern, before she will proceed with her MA studies at the University in Bayreuth in autumn. During her stay, she did some research and archival work in the collection. While the focus lay on expertise in storing, preserving and working with the graphic collection, she could already participate in courses of art and curatorial studies, and got a chance to work on one object biography on a painting by Nigerian artist Demas Nwoko. Her stay also facilitated coordination concerning the second research workshop in Kampala. Thus, Martha Kazungu already got well integrated within the dense structures of the research project.