Collection Makerere Art Gallery & Iwalewahaus pt.2

Since end of January, junior researcher &  manager of Makerere Art Gallery,Kampala, Hasifa Mukyala is doing a training in archiving and working in all different museum tasks at Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth. Her focus lays on working with the collections, especially in what concerns inventorisation and preservation due to the difficulties of a continuous documentation of the collections and of proper storing of graphic works and paintings in Kampala.

In Bayreuth, Hasifa Mukyala continues working on Makerere’s painting collection using a standardised format and developing the one’s still to be done such as loan contracts. In addition, she also uses the time at Iwalewahaus for readings of the texts  and writes an object biography about Kefa Sempangi’s Mother and Child, a sculpture of Makerere Collection which is situated in a church on campus.

Through supervised work with the different collections at Iwalewahaus, Hasifa Mukyala gains professional knowledge with textile works, graphic works, paintings, sculptures as well as archival materials such as photographs, diapositives etc. Other advices were given and practically applied like strategies and preparations of press work, exhibition preparation, photography.

(c) Siegrun Salmanian. Hasifa Mukyala preparing the storing of a graphic by Uche Okeke in Iwalewahaus Collection

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