Review Workshop #2 and Public Symposium

Our second international workshop was scheduled together with our East Africa based research team to take place around the second art biennial in Kampala. Within a short week at the beginning of September, our core researchers, both junior and senior, were reunited with guest researchers and some of our advisors to present their work in process within the field of African Art History Rewritten. Contributing to the History of Postcolonial Modernism. Research stays in Frankfurt am Main, Lagos & Oshogbo, Khartoum and Bayreuth were resumed and commented, while others focussed on the collection based research in Iwalewahaus, Weltkulturen Museum and Makerere Art Gallery, or introduced their current projects. To sum up, it was an enlightening internal workshop which not only marked the positive development of the project but which also was enriched through discussions, especially as an interesting dialogue between Nsukka and Makerere academics took place concerning both university collections and teaching. In addition, we took the opportunity to talk about our glossary for the upcoming publication which was important as the project is interdisciplinary and formed by academics and professionals from various disciplines. Finally, future milestones for the project were determined. The workshop group was formed by the following participants: Nadine Siegert, George Kyeyune, Smooth Ugochukwu Nwezi, Katharina Greven, Katrin Peters-Klaphake, Lena Naumann, Siegrun Salmanian, Martha Kazungu, Lara Buchmann, Hasifah Mukyala, Angelo Kakande, Ozioma Onuzulike, Rose Jepkorir, Moses Serubiri, Sidney Kasfir and Ulf Vierke.

Following the intense workshop days, the group visited the collection of Makerere Art Gallery and attended the biennial openings. >> more pictures here and here

(c) Ronex Ahimbisbwe. Opening of Biennial at Makerere Art Gallery. Left to right: Ulf Vierke, Katharina Greven, Siegrun Salmanian, Lena Naumann

Besides the internal workshop, our core team organized a public symposium within the Seven Hills biennial’s program. Entitled (Hi)Stories of Exhibition Making, 1960 – 1990, on September 4th we welcomed an audience at the Uganda National Museum. The topic of symposium was introduced by George Kyeyune’s presentation Exhibitions at Makerere Gallery and followed by complementary presentations on Kampala’s art scene. Katrin Peters-Klaphake gave an overview on the very recent history of exhibitions and festivals in the current decade, while Sidney Kasfir concentrated her presentation on the 1960s when she was working as a curator of Nommo Gallery. Ozioma Onozulike had his focus on what was happening and opening in Nsukka and Enugu between the 1960s and 1980s. The afternoon presentations started with Katharina Greven who talked about Mbari Mbayo and Oshogbo in the 1960s. Then we switched to exhibitions on the European continent. Nadine Siegert and Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi highlighted modes of exhibition making at Iwalewahaus in the 1980s. The last talk focused on one of the first big exhibitions of the 1990s in what concerns contemporary African art and was held by Moses Serubiri entitled Africa ’95 and its legacy. In the big final discussion with the lecturers and with the public problematics and methods were exchanged and contextualized into our project again.

(c) Ronex Ahimbisbwe. Public Symposium. left to right: Kathrin Peters-Klaphake, Ozioma Onozulike, Siegrun Salmanian, George Kyeyune, Sidney Kasfir
(c) Ronex Ahimbisbwe. Public Symposium. Left to right: George Kyeyune, Katharina Greven, Lara Buchmann, Nadine Siegert, Ugochukwu-Smooth Nwezi, Sidney Kasfir

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