Research @ Collection Weltkulturen Museum pt.1

(c) Photo Credit: Wolfgang Günzel. Yvette Mutumba, George Kyeyune and Siegrun Salmanian in the Collection of Weltkulturen Museum with a graphic by Michael Adams

For the duration of one intense month in February 2016, Dr. George Kyeyune (senior researcher, Makerere University) was assisted by Siegrun Salmanian (junior researcher, Iwalewahaus) to explore the Jochen Schneider collection, a collection of modern African art at the Weltkulturenmuseum in Frankfurt. Under the guidance of Dr. Yvette Mutumba, curator of the Africa collections, they scanned through the storage and opened drawers to long forgotten artworks by former Makerere students and Kampala artists. Those works entered the German institutional collection in the late 1990s. Apart from delving into the collection, their research was completed by documentary parts of archival material, such as folders full of papers, old tapes as well as older publications of the museum’s library.



Further links:–die-kunst-erfindet-sich-neu-,1473354,33920158.html




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